Lessons & Group Classes

Both private lessons and group classes create the core of Suzuki instruction. It is in this weekly private lesson that students, parents, and teachers work toward individualized goals centered around technique, musicality and character development.

During group classes, students develop their ability to play in an ensemble setting, are provided an opportunity to learn from other children in a cooperative environment, and pursue excellence in skills such as listening, discipline, motivation, peer interaction, and ease in performance.

Suzuki Early Childhood Education (Ages 0-3 years)

Monarch Suzuki Academy is proud to offer Suzuki Early Childhood music class. In fact, Monarch’s founder and director, Shana Guidi, brought Suzuki ECE classes to Austin in 2008. In this weekly class, parents and children (ages newborn-3 years) enjoy an interactive curriculum in which young children develop rhythmic and melodic awareness, memory and social skills. Teachers and parents work together to build a repertoire of lullabies, action songs and nursery rhymes in the child’s environment through repetition and positive reinforcement. Parents and children listen to their curriculum CD at home and repeat the songs and rhymes daily.

Parents become skilled observers of their own children. Children observe the actions of teachers, their parents, other children of various ages and gradually begin to imitate them. This sequential and gradual growth is celebrated and enjoyed as each new development is observed.

The outcomes of these activities are listening skills, increased vocabulary, socially acceptable behavior and sensitive group participation at an early age.  These skills serve as an excellent preparation for involvement in a school environment,  membership in other classes, and music lessons of any kind.