Getting Started

The best way to introduce yourself to the Suzuki method of learning is through observation. When you contact us, we will invite you to observe lessons or classes.


If you are interested in starting your child in violin, viola, cello, guitar, piano, or flute lessons…

If your family joins Monarch Suzuki Academy for instrumental lessons, the first four to six weeks of your Suzuki experience will consist of participation in our parent training program. During this program, you will learn more about the Suzuki philosophy, fundamentals of the instrument your child will be studying, and how to be an effective ‘practice partner’ with your child at home.

Parent involvement is fundamental in the Suzuki method of learning. Parents must be prepared to learn the fundamentals  of the philosophy and of playing and caring for the instrument. They must attend and take notes at each lesson and practice at home with their child. In the beginning, parents are asked to actively participate in group classes (as the teacher requests) and, as the student advances, support them by observing and applauding.

Additionally, parents are expected to provide logistical support in terms of lesson and group class equipment, provide support in attending concerts on a regular basis, play appropriate recordings daily at home, and along with the teacher, create a positive musical environment of support, encouragement and understanding.


If you are interested in participating in Suzuki Early Childhood Music Class…

Suzuki Early Childhood Music Classes are open to children, ages 0-3 years and their parents or caregivers. Families are welcome to try a class at no charge. Throughout the class, parents are asked to support their child through full participation and sensitive observation at each class and by creating an enriched musical environment at home through daily listening to and interaction with the songs and rhymes on the curriculum CD.¬† Parents who follow these guidelines become keenly aware of the sequential growth and development of their child’s abilities in addition to strengthening the bond they enjoy with their child through the enjoyment of music!